About The Work

"...Hall's canvas's hold a series of objects on its surface, string, dried flowers, computer wires, hand prints, photographs, buttons, needles, an inventory of daily and uncanny juxtaposition,  the paint sometimes oozing and alive, seemingly edible, flaking, stained. It contains all of the experiences of beauty and the sublime and inevitably of pain and confusion. A kaleidoscopic sensorium of the human experience. Messy, transcendent, life saving, for the artist and, one must hope, for the viewer as well." -by Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine


Trina Hall was raised in Texas.  After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Dallas, her life took a sharp turn when a series of small strokes left her with double vision and debilitated.  During her healing process, she taught herself how to paint and began building a body of work that has taken her from Texas to New York.  Her oil paintings and sculpture are infused with found objects that compel the viewer to desire physical interaction with many of her pieces.  Hall gives us a singular vision that asks questions about what it means to be present.  


trina (then the at symbol) trinatheartist (dot) com